Call for nominations for an Academic Member of the Small Business Charter Management Board

We would like to invite nominations from academics in Small Business Charter award holding schools who are interested in serving as members of the SBC Management Board. The initial term is for a period of three years, starting from  December 2020. The membership may be extended for a second term by mutual agreement.

There is currently one position available for a senior academic with experience of working with small businesses and who has been involved in SBC activities within their school.

A list of current Management Board members can be found here.

About the Role

The SBC Management Board is comprised of the Patron, the Chair, up to six academics from award holding schools, up to six entrepreneurs, plus ex-officio and co-opted members. Members of the Management Board are expected to take an active role in the governance of the Small Business Charter and to vote on whether schools which have been through the assessment exercise should be granted the award, based on the assessors’ report and application documentation. The role is to support and promote the work of the SBC and oversee the effective management of it. The Management Board discusses and agrees the strategy and major projects of the SBC.

The Management Board meets four times a year, usually at our offices in London. In the current circumstances, Board meetings are being conducted online.

Members of the management board are not remunerated and not compensated for travel expenses.

If you would like to be considered to serve on the Management Board, please email a one page supporting statement with a copy of your CV to Meenal Datar at

Deadline for nominations: Close of Business on 13 November 2020.

Selection Details

Nomination statements and CVs will be shared with the Management Board nominations committee; a sub-committee which consists of the Chair SBC, Vice Chair SBC, Executive Director, Chair Chartered ABS and a voting member of the SBC board. The nominations committee may decide to interview nominated candidates, and will select on the basis of what the candidates have to offer to the Management Board, while ensuring a fair representation of the types of schools which hold the award.

Applications are encouraged from representatives of Small Business Charter award holding schools that are currently not represented on the Management Board.

Applications from female academics are particularly encouraged.

You are welcome to contact Anne Kiem at the Chartered ABS or current members of the Management Board to discuss this role further.