The Small Business Charter (SBC) is an award for the UK’s world-class business schools. The SBC award celebrates business schools that play an effective role in supporting small businesses, local economies and student entrepreneurship.

SMEs, start-ups and students can receive expert advice, training and courses from business schools based right across the UK. The SBC award will help them find the business school that can help them.

With 5.8 million SMEs trading across the UK, the network of business schools awarded with a Small Business Charter are ideally placed to provide growth, enterprise and entrepreneurship support to help SMEs maximise their productivity and their contribution to the UK Economy.

In order to achieve the Small Business Charter award, business schools undergo a rigorous assessment to determine the effectiveness of their business support, entrepreneurship education and engagement with their local economy. 34 business schools across the UK now hold the Small Business Charter and have directly supported more than 18,750 small businesses.

The Small Business Charter was developed by Lord Young, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, and the Chartered Association of Business Schools. In addition to providing business schools with a nationally recognisable kitemark award, we also facilitate valuable knowledge sharing networks for business schools and promote the value of the business knowledge, management expertise, and enterprise education offered by our business schools to SME audiences.

Watch our video case study on how business schools can support small businesses:

Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK) is a valued partner of the Small Business Charter.​

EEUK is the national membership organisation for enterprise and entrepreneurship educators. EEUK’s primary purpose is to support educators to develop and deliver enterprise and entrepreneurship education both within the curriculum and through extra-curricular activities.

EEUK also raises awareness of the impact of its members’ work and lobbies government to influence policy related to enterprise and entrepreneurship education.

As an independent expert organisation in the area of enterprise education, EEUK is an integral part of the assessment process for the Small Business Charter awards. Individual trained Directors of EEUK make up one third of any assessment panel, which also comprises a senior academic and a member of the SME community.