Small Business Charter: Preparing for reassessment

10:00-13:00, Friday 17 September, online

This session will give an overview of, and guidance on, the practicalities of going through SBC reassessment. Particular attention will be paid to the 'Reassessment' Section that involves demonstrating improvements made since the first SBC application.

Participants will gain insight into:

• The application and the assessment criteria
• The assessment process
• Benefits of the SBC award to the business school and to the wider University
• Seek advice and network with business schools working on their SBC reassessment

Speakers include

Siân Rees
Associate Dean and Director of Enterprise, Cardiff School of Management

Joe Hall
Managing Director, Halls Food Group and Chairman, Bako NW Group Ltd.

Dr Matthew Sutherland
Associate Professor, Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University

Gareth Trainer
Assistant Director (Enterprise and Entrepreneurship), Newcastle University Business School

10:00  Welcome and introduction to the SBC award

10:10  Overview of the assessment process

10:30  Support for the growth of small businesses (section A)

11:10  Stakeholder engagement to support growth (section B)

11:50  Break

12:00  Encouraging student enterprise and entrepreneurship (section C)

12:40  Q&A and closing remarks 

13:00  Close

15:40  Close

This session is designed for business school staff who are working on their school’s re-assessment.

If you are applying for the Small Business Charter for the first time please register for the following event:

Small Business Charter: The assessment process
10:00-13:00, 16 September

This session is free to attend but participants must register via the website,

 If you have any questions, please contact Oliver Lowe

About the SBC award

The Small Business Charter Award recognises business schools for their engagement with SME’s. It demonstrates the business school’s effectiveness in supporting small businesses, student entrepreneurs and local economies. The SBC award is a valuable kitemark which helps to raise the profile of business schools and offers opportunities to network with like-minded organisations, share best practice, and discuss common challenges and possible solutions to overcome them.

Business Schools who achieve the SBC award have to demonstrate through the assessment process their expertise in supporting small businesses, entrepreneurship and local economies.