LinkedIn Lead Generation Seminar

We all want to build a successful and profitable business, but the world is awash with competition.  Finding new customers in a crowded market can be a real challenge.  Many businesses have already experimented with LinkedIn but have found it difficult to make it work to generate leads and create sales. They have all done it the hard way.

Right now, there are now more than 18million business people in the UK who use LinkedIn as their primary online networking platform.

They, like you, see it as a key place online where professionals have the potential to connect, develop their sales and market themselves, their skills, services and products.

Our Linkedin Lead Generation system is designed for any business looking to use LinkedIn more effectively to find more leads and create more sales – FAST!

You will learn simple repeatable steps to ensure you will be able to harness the vast opportunity presented by LinkedIn for you and your business to increase your visibility, build your client base and make more sales.

What you will learn:

•       The Key principles of LinkedIn

•       How to create a profile which will help find you clients

•       How to create almost unlimited prospects using the search tool

•       How best to connect with people (and how not to).

•       Using a proven strategy for success.

•       Getting it done in less than 40 minutes a day.