The Leicester Executive Development Workshop: Winning in the Crowd Economy

The Leicester Executive Development Workshop series brings contemporary issues facing managers into focus. Through an expert facilitated small-group format, participants are encouraged to relate, discuss and reflect on the opportunities and implications for their professional practice.

Winning in the Crowd Economy

Crowd based assets, accessed through techniques like crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, open innovation and other disruptive models of engagement outside of the organisation, are increasingly demonstrating sustained value. Some regard them as the business models of both the now and the future. but to win and thrive in this new circumstance requires that we develop new understandings, adopt new approaches and acquire new competencies.

This workshop is for you if you are interested in how our engagement with social media is changing the way we innovate, manage resources, support communities and develop businesses.

Session one - What makes "the crowd" different?

Exploring the distinctive qualities of crowd based assets and an introduction to the key methods of accessing them and the skills required.

Session two - Crowdfunding explained

A focus on entrepreneurial and growth finance. What is it, what is its promise, what are the problems and, crucially, how is it done?

Session three - What to make of the hype?

Crowdsourcing, open innovation, open source, and collaborative consumption. Threats, opportunities and hyperbole.

Session four - Working the crowd? 

The operational, regulatory and policy considerations for crowd assets.


Tim WrightTim Wright

Tim is Director and co-founder of twintangibles, a Scottish-based management consultancy that helps organisations create value through accessing the crown economy. A leading thinker and practitioner on crowdfunding, Tim provides expert insight to the OECD, European Commission and the Scottish Government and is author of The Scottish Crowdfunding Report.

Previously Tim has worked for Egon Zehnder International and McKinsey & Co, and a number of other highly repsected organisations. He is a member of the Scottish Internet Domain Policy Advisory Board, a Jury Member of the Future Ideas Student Innovation Challenge, Chair of the Dean's Board of the University of Leicester School of Business, and an advisor on the Buckminster Fuller Challenge.