Fresh Perspectives: ‘Living’ the brand – an unachievable, outdated and irrelevant distraction?

“Living” the brand: An unachievable, outdated and irrelevant distraction?

Many marketers and organisations set themselves the challenge of wanting their stakeholders, particularly their employees, to “Live the brand” and in doing so create a distinct “brand experience” for their customers.

Some would like to think they’ve achieved this objective but many don’t. Why is this, what are we “really” trying to achieve, what can we do differently and by addressing “Living the brand” are we really addressing the core underlying phenomena of “brand experience”.

Join Aston Business School for this short workshop led by Dr Keith Glanfield. Keith will ask your views on living the brand, arriving at what it means and trying to achieve. We will then explore how to get employees to do this, what the difficulties and challenges are and how achievable this all is. Keith will share the latest thinking on the “identity perspective” to branding and we will finish with a short discussion.

Fresh perspective

Applying organisational psychology to branding uncovers an alternative way of “creating an environment” for brand experience to evolve and develop. In a workshop style we’ll unpick the conventional “living the brand” approaches to arrive at an alternative perspective on developing brand experience.

Benefits of attending

  • Walk away with a new set of questions and a different approach to evolving and developing “brand experience”.
  • Think behind the conventional models and terminology to see if they work in your organisation.
  • Debate and develop this important topic with other senior managers, marketers and entrepreneurs.

Key Speaker

Dr Keith Glanfield is a Lecturer and Senior FME Fellow, joining the Marketing Group at Aston Business School in 2010 having secured a prestigious Foundation for Management Education / ESRC Fellowship awarded to fund Keith’s transition into academia from a 20 year commercial career in industry.

Awarded a Phd in identity and strategic brand management in 2013, Keith’s research interests focus on how to transform and optimise an organisation’s brands to improve organisational performance, sustainability and stakeholder satisfaction. Researching with organisations such as John Lewis and Waitrose, Keith’s research also investigates the influence of co-operative and mutual business models on stakeholder cohesion, brand community development, front-line employee performance and the co-creation of services between customers and service employees.

Keith integrates his research, teaching and engagement with practice as a regular contributor to the Times and Sunday Times, delivering executive education programs, consulting with industry and presenting new research and emerging marketing thinking to members of the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants and the Chartered Institute of Marketing.