Business Schools in Austere Times & The Future of Management Education

The Centre for Service Management (Loughborough University) and the Centre for Service Excellence (University of Edinburgh) are delighted to invite you to a joint research symposium ‘Business Schools in Austere Times’. It will be hosted at Loughborough University and will bring together a series of themed presentations by leading scholars across management disciplines from Europe and the UK to address why business schools (dis)function as they do. Rarely will you see so many academic leaders in one place at the same time: The presenters include business school Deans, University Vice Presidents and academics who continue to shape business schools and management education in universities.

The event is designed to join contemporary research on business schools with service management perspectives in order to confront the challenges of business schools in austere times. The event promises a lively debate and will illuminate some of the future challenges and directions for business schools.

The event is relevant to all managers who interface with business schools either through the skills and study they provide or through employing graduates from business degrees. It is also highly relevant for academics in business schools who are charged with providing excellence in research, teaching, and impact on individual managers, their organisations, and institutions.

The programme includes a leading line-up of speakers:

Professor Angus Laing (Lancaster)Professor Rick Delbridge (Cardiff)
Professor Zoe Radnor (CASS)ProfessorDavid Wilson (Emeritus Open)
Professor Ken Starkey (Nottingham)Professor Stephanie Dameron (Paris Dauphine)
Professor Baback Yazdani (Nottingham Trent)Professor Thorsten Gruber (Loughborough)
Professor Martin Kitchener (Cardiff)Professor Bo Edvardsson (Karlstad University/Loughborough)
Professor Heather McLaughlin (Coventry)Dr Alex Wilson (Loughborough)

To register please email Ruth Cufflin