Aberdeen Business School awarded SBC Award

Congratulations to Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon University, which has been awarded the Small Business Charter Award, in recognition of its commitment to supporting the small business community, student entrepreneurship, and the local economy.

The assessors noted that student enterprise is so embedded that it appears to be part of the DNA and there are great examples of creative initiatives.  This is reflected in one of the school’s core values that ‘all students are given the opportunity to develop and progress an original business idea’. The founding of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group has had a significant impact on entrepreneurship provision.

The Graduate Apprenticeships provision has quickly become established and is felt by stakeholders to be having a wide impact on SMEs and they showcased excellent examples of working collaboratively with local partners to support small businesses.

Several local SMEs spoke highly of the school’s wide-ranging network of support, including schemes such as the Connect to Business programme, and involvement with initiatives such as Women Entrepreneurship Week and the Best Practice Exchange. ABS also provide excellent opportunities for SME suppliers, something which is clearly evidenced in their procurement policy and related data.

The panel were particularly impressed with the school’s integrated placement scheme and its Graduate Apprenticeship initiative, which has facilitated the upskilling and reskilling of graduate professionals by providing work-based learning opportunities. This element of their work saw it awarded exemplar status.

The Small Business Charter Award is a national accreditation, assessed by small business leaders, to recognise business schools which demonstrate excellence in supporting small businesses, student enterprise, and the local economy. Aberdeen Business School will hold the award for three years, with their Graduate Apprenticeship scheme being awarded exemplar status. There are now 37 business schools that hold the SBC Award in the UK and Ireland.

Anne Kiem OBE, Executive Director of the Small Business Charter and Chief Executive of the Chartered Association of Business Schools, said:

“We congratulate everyone at Aberdeen Business School for achieving the Small Business Charter Award. Their commitment to supporting SMEs and student entrepreneurship, particularly through initiatives such as the Graduate Apprenticeship scheme is excellent. It is clear that student enterprise is an integral part of the philosophy of the school.”

Professor Elizabeth Gammie, Head of Aberdeen Business School, said:

“At Robert Gordon University, we are very proud of our role in the ongoing and ambitious transformation of the North East of Scotland. As part of this, Aberdeen Business School offers a portfolio of activities to allow both students and small businesses to benefit from university-industry collaboration. We are delighted this work has been recognised by the Small Business Charter Award and consider this a platform to enhance our contribution to small businesses in the region. The enterprise agenda is built into all areas of the University, and we are particularly proud that our Graduate Apprenticeship programme has been highlighted as an exemplar. We look forward to expanding this impact through the Help to Grow initiative.”