Virtual Assessments for the Small Business Charter Award

In response to the ongoing social distancing measures resulting from the pandemic, the Small Business Charter will be conducting Virtual Assessments from now until we are able to resume in-person assessments on campus.

Virtual assessments are designed to mirror the usual on campus visit and will enable the assessment of the dimensions according to the benchmark set by the SBC Management Board. The same application form will be used and the same rigour and standards will be applied.

Virtual Assessments will be conducted over two successive half days by the usual panel of three assessors. For information on the itinerary and guidance notes on Virtual Assessments, please refer to our website.

The SBC Board and the assessors understand that certain enterprise and entrepreneurship activities conducted by the business school and the wider university will be affected by the pandemic from March 2020 and welcome a statement that explains the activities and data affected in your application.

If you would like to discuss any part of the assessment process, please get in touch with Meenal Datar