Recognising Excellence: Exemplars for Small Business Charter award holders

In line with one of the main purposes of the SBC to champion the UK business schools that are committed to supporting SME’s, the SBC award will recognise specialist areas in business schools. Schools will be invited to nominate the areas they would like to be considered as exemplars when they undergo the assessment process.

Certain business schools have particular specialisms that can be considered objectively as examples of excellence. These pockets of excellence are referred to as ‘exemplars’ and they can be summarised and applied to a maximum of three areas where a business school can be awarded.

While the ‘excellence’ criteria is a hard and fast rule, there is flexibility around the granularity of activity that could be considered for an Exemplar. To provide some guidance, examples would typically include any one of the 30 dimensions that make up the three assessment categories, or in very rare cases an entire category (Small Business Support for Growth; Wider Stakeholder Engagement or Student Facing Start-up Support).

With regards to this section, it is important for business schools to keep in mind the following:

  • Exemplars are to recognise true excellence capability relative to other UK schools; this is very different from simply stating the things that the school does best in isolation
  • By definition, it is unusual for a school to be awarded an exemplar – it is therefore not mandatory for all schools to complete this part of the application
  • If a school is awarded an exemplar, an appropriate form of words to be used alongside the SBC logo will be provided.

For further information, please visit the exemplar section of the website and refer to the application guidance notes or email