Opportunities for students

We invite members to encourage students to submit proposals for forthcoming web development projects on the Small Business Charter website. We appreciate that web development students will likely sit outside of business schools but we hope that these small projects will present excellent 'real world' projects for students on relevant courses in your university.

Please share the following 'Request for Quote' documents with colleagues in relevant departments:

RFQ1 - Developing the Business School map

RFQ2 - Developing the Blog for SMEs

The web development proposals reflect outcomes from the working group meetings with members. We would like to develop the 'Find a Business School' page to show case business schools' case studies and student consultant populations. We also want to create a blog area that will allow business schools to present business advice, tips, trends and insights to an SME audience.

If you have any queries about the RFQs please contact Barney Roe, Director of Communications & External Relations at the Chartered ABS, on barney.roe@charteredabs.org