How can business schools support enterprise and entrepreneurship across the whole student population?

Our latest report examines the role that SBC award-holding business schools perform in the delivery of enterprise education and entrepreneurship across the university, the benefits they seek in doing so, and the challenges they face.

The report highlights how enterprise education and entrepreneurship skills are being held in increasingly high regard by university students and across all disciplines. However, the methods for acting on this, and in particular the roles of the business schools, are varied and highly dependant on institutional context. The report analyses these differences and then makes five recommendations for effective delivery of enterprise education initiatives, as well as recommending areas for further research.

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Matthew Higgins breaks down the implications of our findings here.

Case Studies

Some of the business schools involved in the writing and evidence provision for the report have kindly provided case studies on how they support the delivery of student enterprise in their own unique university contexts.

Thanks and Enquiries

Our thanks to the SBC Management Board and all participating SBC schools for producing this report, with a special thanks to Matthew Higgins.

If you have questions about this report please email Anne Kiem at