Submit an event for EIRs

If you have an upcoming event that you feel would be of interest to the Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Network and would like to see it listed on this site please complete the form below with the event information. The event will be reviewed by the SBC team and if deemed to be of value to visitors to this site will be published in the events section.

  • Please supply any additional information regarding this event that you feel would help the review process.
  • Enter the same date as the start date if this is a one day event
  • Please enter details about the event times
  • Enter the Location, Venue or City name for where the event is taking place
  • (Optional) Please ensure you enter a full valid address including the http:// at the beginning.
  • Please upload an image to represent this event - this image needs to be reasonable quality, ideally high definition resolution (approx 1920 pixels wide by 1080 high). The image will automatically be cropped for display purposes with a focus on the centre of the image.
  • Please provide a full description of the event - this will show on the detail page for the event when published.