Winning in the Solent Region Webinar – Managing People Through Change

About this Event

In a world where nothing stands stable, revenue streams suddenly paused and employees working remotely how can small businesses support colleagues through a period of change?

Join us for this virtual insight session, part of the Winning in the Solent series of events, delivered in partnership between Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, Solent University’s Solent Business School, and the University of Portsmouth’s Faculty of Business and Law to explore the steps that small and micro-businesses can take in supporting employees through change.

Suitable for freelancers, micro, and small businesses this session will provide academic expertise alongside a practical case study from the industry of how micro and small businesses can support their employees in an uncertain world.

Whilst the close working relationships are a foundation of many successful businesses when making difficult decisions it can be hard to go between the role of CEO, HR Manager, Colleague and in some cases friend. This session will explore the simple steps you can put into practice to support colleagues through change whilst looking at how you can still enable learning and development opportunities to support workforce development.


Our Speakers Include:

Gillian Saieva, Head of Business, Finance and Accountancy, Faculty of Business, Law, and Digital Technologies. Solent University.


Toni Phillips-Munday - Human Resources Consultant at HR reimagined

An experienced Human Resources professional supporting businesses across the People agenda as an extension to or in the absence of an in-house HR team. From short term projects to longer term retained services I will bring something different to your business in support of your business goals and objectives. I will work with your teams to set them up for future success; streamlining transactional activity and focusing on those areas that will really make an impact on your business and the people's experience.


This is a collaborative event brought to you by the region's Small Business Chartered universities, University of Portsmouth Business School and Solent University, supported by the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce.

Please note this webinar will be recorded. If you do NOT wish to be recorded, please switch off your webcam.