What next for Women’s Enterprise Policy?

Women are much less likely to found or grow a business than men. Given that girls are surpassing boys at school and women’s economic activity is nearly equal to men’s, this gender gap is startling. It raises serious questions for the ecosystem of services that support small firms: why are they not more successful in enabling women’s enterprise? In fact, women’s self-employment has risen significantly in recent years. But, at the same time, income from self-employment is worsening and the gender pay gap in entrepreneurship is huge. This raises concern that many women may not be generating ‘Good Work’ via entrepreneurship. How can we develop an enterprise ecosystem that supports women to develop successful and sustainable businesses and avoid poverty-level self-employment?

Join us for this seminar, hosted by the ERC and the ISBE Gender and Enterprise Network (GEN) where we will explore these questions and discuss the future of women’s enterprise policy.

Places are limited for this event, and pre-registration is essential.

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