Aston Inaugurals. A journey in medicine: from gout to pacemakers with Professor Francisco Leyva-Leon


A journey in medicine: from gout to pacemakers

Professor Francisco Leyva-Leon, MD, FRCP, FACC, Professor of Cardiology at Aston University, Consultant Cardiologist at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Medicine tries to trick nature in order to relieve human suffering. As in many aspects of human endeavour, joining the dots between simple observations, a mechanism and the treatment of disease is sometimes convoluted.

Although the association between gout and heart failure has long been recognized, how heart failure leads to high uric acid levels has remained a mystery. Similarly, it has long been known that electrical disturbances in the heart can lead to heart failure, but it is only recently that pacemakers have been used to treat it. In this inaugural lecture, Professor Francisco Leyva-Leon will explore how medicine has evolved from craft into a science, using heart failure as the link between gout and pacemakers.


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18:30 - Lecture

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