Engagement and Exploratory Discussions Update from Small Business Charter

Here is November’s update from the Small Business Charter team. We hope you find it useful and, as ever, we welcome your input and feedback.

Small Business Charter - Management Board Vacancies:

We have finalised details for the management board recruitment policy and are pleased to report that we received a  strong response for the business school, SME and EEUK vacancies.

SBC board members are now short listing candidates prior to extending invitations to interview.

Chair of the Small Business Charter:

We are also inviting expressions of interest to those who have the capability and motivation to chair the Small Business Charter management board. An advert will be placed shortly.

Please contact Meenal Datar if you are interested or would like more information.

Email:  meenal.datar@charteredabs.org Telephone: 0207 634 9586


Small Business Charter Engagement and Developments

Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship:

The Small Business Charter attended the launch of the Chartered Degree Management Apprenticeship (CDMA) at the House of Commons on Wednesday 11 November 2015.

As well as launching the innovative CDMA programme with our partners [Chartered Management Institute, Serco, Chartered ABS] this was another good opportunity to promote the expertise of the Charter Award holding business schools in front of government.

CMI Scotland Annual Conference:

The Small Business Charter attended the CMI Scotland board’s annual conference at Edinburgh Napier University on Friday 30 October and took the opportunity to promote our network of Charter Award holding business schools in the presence of Annabelle Ewing, Minister for Youth and Women’s Employment.

Chartered ABS Annual Conference:

The Small Business Charter participated in the Chartered ABS annual conference in Manchester.

It was great to meet with many familiar faces and several new faces. We look forward to continuing to work with all of you.

The two SBC workshops were well attended and both returned good debates.

We are very grateful for your attendance and to the speakers.

Day 1 Workshop Speakers:  Ann Francke (CMI), Ian Gordon (Lancaster), Michael Hayman (Seven Hills), Professor Baback Yazdani (Nottingham Trent), Chaired by Professor Peter Moizer (Leeds)

Day 2 Workshop Speakers:   Helen Fogg (Lancaster), Professor Peter Moizer (Leeds), Professor Mark Hart (Aston), speaker and chair

Regional Working Groups:

We are working through an implementation plan for some of the outcomes from the regional working group discussions. Specifically, we are prioritising the website development actions; building the profile of the Small Business Charter amongst stakeholders; and developing events to bring the award holders together to share and develop best practice.

SBC Workshops

As an outcome of previous discussions, the Small Business Charter is proposing to hold quarterly workshops for award holding business schools in order to come together and share best practice, debate challenges and opportunities. This will also be a timely opportunity to share updates on the Small Business Charter activities, our collective achievements and formulate our short-term plans.

The following dates are proposed for your consideration. We welcome topics for discussion, offers to present and offers for a Charter Award holding business school to host. Our intention is host these quarterly workshops at different Charter Award holding business schools across the UK.

  • Q3 2015/16 Quarterly Workshop:        Wednesday 17 February 2016
  • Q4 2015/16 Quarterly Workshop:        Replaced with proposed SBC annual conference [Proposed Tuesday 05 April 2016]
  • Q1 2016/17 Quarterly Workshop:        ​Wednesday 21 September 2016
  • Q2 2016/17 Quarterly Workshop:        ​Wednesday 14 December 2016

We look forward to receiving your inputs on how to shape the quarterly workshops and formulate agendas.

Proposed Small Business Charter Annual Conference:

During some discussions at the Chartered ABS Annual Conference, there were some expressions of interest for an SBC conference. We are looking to quantify interest in a conference and are welcoming views on the outline proposal below:

  • One day SBC annual conference on Tuesday 05 April 2016
  • 10:30 start with 16:00 close
  • Two keynotes
  • Two workshops
  • Allocate sufficient time to discuss as a collective [General Q & A]
  • Invite expressions of interest from Charter Award holding schools for presentations and workshops
  • Consider involving external partners – ISBE, EEUK, CMI, IoD, FSB, CoC, LEP, Chamber of commerce
  • Lancaster University Management School has offered to host the proposed SBC annual conference
  • We are also welcoming any suggestions from our award holding schools who have  an interest in hosting a  SBC conference

Building Profile:

An infographic has been created promoting the impact of the 31 business schools / HEIs comprising the UK-wide Charter award holding network. This is a top-down summary of data extracted from the Charter applications. These will be used in our work to promote the value of the Small Business Charter to SMEs and policy makers.


An infographic specific to English and Scottish Charter Award holding schools respectively has also been created. In time, we look forward to creating infographics for Northern Ireland and Wales.


Exploratory HE Start-Up Programme:

Upon submitting the final proposal for HEFCE Catalyst funding, we have now been advised that there will be a delay in decision pending the government clarifying future funding.

SME Digital Research:

Oxford Brookes have asked if the SBC would share details of a research questionnaire relating to “the use and adoption of digital technologies by European SMEs and how this might lead to strategic growth, and in turn if you would share the embedded URL with your networks.

UK SME’s to participate in a pan European research project that Oxford Brookes academic Dr Sarah Quinton is leading on the use and adoption of digital technologies by European SMEs and how this might lead to strategic growth.

This is a collaborative study between Dublin Institute of Technology, The University of Malta, The University of Piedmont, Malaga University and led by Oxford Brookes University.

This part of the study consists of a 22 question survey, which should take about 10 minutes to complete.  We would be happy to share the results, due in Spring 2016.


As always, your input is welcome relative to how we should address challenges and opportunities together.

Please do get in touch with either Meenal or Ian at meenal.datar@charteredabs.org Telephone: 020 7634 9586 or ian.mcnaught@charteredabs.org  Mobile 07757 764837