Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIR) Network

 What is the EIR Network?

A group of Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, or similar individuals, who are affiliated with business schools which have been awarded the Small Business Charter. Our award-winning business schools host networking events for EIRs nationwide to meet, stay in touch, share experiences and business ideas. You can find information on the latest events below.

EIR members can stay in touch via the Entrepreneurs in Residence Network LinkedIn group managed by the SBC.


Who is this group for?

We welcome Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, or equivalent, based in business schools holding the Small Business Charter award. As long as you have been an entrepreneur at some point and have a formal affiliation with your business school, and your school is willing to vouch for you, you are welcome to join the group. You must not be employed full-time by the business school and you must still have business interests.


What’s in it for the EIRs?

You will gain access to other EIRs that are affiliated with SBC award holding schools nationwide. You will be invited to connect not only through the closed LinkedIn group but also via events run by the schools for the opportunity to network, share ideas, advice and tips. Through these regional contacts you can gain business insight, knowledge and learn from others’ experiences.

One of the biggest challenges for all entrepreneurs is accessing their markets quickly. The Small Business Charter’s EIR network provides entrepreneurs with rapid access to broad and deep base of knowledge and contacts. It aims to resolve a large of amount of the randomness that entrepreneurs face when they attempt to access new markets and give them business insight, knowledge and experiences from other members that can positively impact their chances of success.


What’s in it for the business schools?

Business schools can benefit from a stronger EIR network as their EIRs will be learning from other EIRs in the group through events, networking and sharing ideas. This knowledge will then feed back into the business school and, in turn, improve systems and processes.

Business schools that host EIR network events can raise their profile and build their SME contacts.

This network will help business schools bring in connections with EIRs, SMEs and businesses and help raise the profile of business schools with government and other policy makers and help them showcase thought leadership.

It will facilitate an increase in learning opportunities for students through interaction with credible business professionals and academics.


What is an EIR and how to become one?

‘Entrepreneur-in-Residence’ is someone who has a formal affiliation with the business school, and has been an entrepreneur at some point. Business schools may have a more defined version of what they classify as an ‘EIR’.

We leave it to the schools to decide who they wish to nominate to join the EIR network. If you are associated with one of the Small Business Charter school’s and would like to join, contact your business school.