Consultations on Programmes and Opportunities

Regional Charter Business School Working Groups:

Given that the Small Business Charter has focused on the initial organisational priorities, we would like to consult with the current Charter Award holders to explore your needs and aspirations. Your opinions are important and these will inform future activities.

Many of the Charter schools have commented that Growth Vouchers (GV) and Growth Accelerator (BGB) were not optimal SME support programmes. We would now like to explore the structure and content of optimal regional SME support with the objective of structuring proposals and pursuing funding.

We have scheduled the following meetings:

  • Tuesday 28 July: East Midlands Working Group @ Nottingham Trent
  • Wednesday 05 August: Northern Working Group @ Manchester Metropolitan
  • Tuesday 11 August: West Midlands Working Group @ Coventry
  • Wednesday 19 August: London & South East Working Group @ UCL

Meenal Datar will be distributing an agenda shortly and inviting your input and participation.

Exploratory Start-Up Programme:

The Small Business Charter, NACUE, NCEE, UCL have submitted a proposal for HEFCE Catalyst funding relative to a HE Start-Up programme.

We will keep you informed how this develops.

Management & Leadership Degree Apprenticeship:

The consortium of employers, business schools, Serco, Chartered Management Institute, Chartered ABS and the Small Business Charter team have submitted proposals to BIS for the new Chartered Management & Leadership Degree apprenticeship.

The proposals have been approved by BIS and we are now working on the detail of the assessment criteria.

HM Treasury:

The Small Business Charter and Professor Richard Thorpe have participated in discussions with the Treasury discussing the funding provision for business schools engaging with SMEs and driving economic development. Some outline proposals have been submitted and we look forward to continuing these discussions.

As always, your input is welcome for future programmes and initiatives. Please do get in touch with either Meenal or Ian at or