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Show Topics:

Covid-19 offers valuable lessons in making project management more adaptable

Project management is a discipline obsessed with risk aversion, with preparing for and predicting everything. But the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that often excessive need to…

Now is the time to reskill and future proof your business

Small businesses need to be proactive in investing in skills development to maintain productivity and competitiveness to secure their post-Brexit future. While negotiations about…

Coffee, communication and community: coffee shop culture in a time of COVID-19 and social distancing

Research from the Coventry Centre for Business and Society examines the impact of COVID-19 on one of the UK's most vibrant retail sectors.

Dealing with COVID-19 – advice from a small business in the events industry

Two young business founders share what they're learning about business practice by dealing with COVID-19.

The Killer Innovation Vaccine

Rejected business proposals don't die; rather, they often come back in new and improved guises. Find out how with these case studies.

Innovation or experience – or both?

Many small businesses are innovators. Some are born out of incremental innovation, which improves on existing products or practices, while others are born out of radical…

Business growth, innovation and state funding

Ask an audience of new business owners to identify the most crucial driver of growth and you are likely to receive an array of responses. The list might include talent,…

Retaining a spirit of entrepreneurship in a growing business

Entrepreneurship almost invariably serves as the bedrock of a small business, but over time that bedrock may be eroded and replaced by something quite different. Growth is often…

Terminal Velocity

Tom Cheesewright argues that the cycle time for innovation and adoption is shorter now, and that this is having a very real effect on the sustainable success of enterprises.

Developing an entrepreneurial culture amongst students through LUMS’ network of Entrepreneurs in Residence

Lancaster University has a very strong reputation of working with business – particularly SMEs. This was reflected by the University receiving a Small Business Charter Gold…

Why businesses and universities should work together

There is a long-standing view that our universities are places where students go to learn theory and are a source of potential talent but have little to offer businesses…