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Highly illogical, Captain

Star Trek’s Mr Spock would often give his Enterprise shipmates a look of both sympathy and superiority whenever he believed they were allowing their emotions to rule over…

How to build a brand for your business that stands out?

Tzvete Doncheta offers some key advice on building a business identity that goes beyond brand recognition

From the ‘squeezed middle’ to the ‘magnificent Middle Market’

Anthony Carey argues that the time has come to recognise the unique strengths of medium-sized businesses.

Getting back to work after stress, anxiety or depression: Practical Guidance for SMEs

Researchers from Kingston Business School propose six steps to help employees, business owners and managers navigate through the return to work process.

Churn, change and the importance of upskilling

There are few things on which Britain’s major political parties agree, but one point on which an unusually firm consensus has emerged of late is the need for companies to…

Innovation or experience – or both?

Many small businesses are innovators. Some are born out of incremental innovation, which improves on existing products or practices, while others are born out of radical…

Category Management – The 3Cs: The Commercials

This is the 3rd of three blogs that describe the fundamentals all businesses need to grow a profitable business. Having covered the Consumer and the Competitors we move on to…

The value of small businesses is not all about profit

Should business be all about profit? This used to be a no-brainer, but as we mark the tenth anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers  whilst figureheads like the Archbishop…

Mastering the right mindset for leading a family business

Leadership of private family businesses is different. In addition to executive management or C-Suite capabilities[1] such as development of sound business, financial, marketing,…