Knowledge Sharing

The Small Business Charter provides business schools with a network of schools to share experience and build knowledge in the field of enterprise, entrepreneurship and business engagement. Here, you can read ideas, insights and best practice from business schools.

See ‘Success stories’ to read about how businesses have benefitted from connecting with business schools that hold the SBC award.

Show Topics:

Case study: An effective career-enhancing initiative for students

900 Students, 61 Workshops, 31 Business Presenters, highlights of the University of Portsmouth’s successful IMPACT week 2017 From time to time I am challenged by businesses as to…

How business schools support young entrepreneurs

At the cutting edge of the entrepreneurial community are young entrepreneurs. Young entrepreneurs are needed to rescue and revitalize the economy and the inexperience of youth…

Developing the entrepreneurial capabilities of students through engagement in extra curricular activities

At London South Bank University (LSBU) our mission is to be recognised as an enterprising civic university that addresses real world challenges. As a business school we have…