Birmingham City Business School, Birmingham City University

Past Events

Digital Services Meetup: Web Developers, Marketeers, SAAS & more

Huckletree, Shoreditch

This event has now ended

We're delighted to invite you to join us on Wednesday 6th December for a relaxed, friendly evening of networking, including a few insightful short talks  - with exclusive…

Gin & Topic Talks: Cameron’s Catastrophe: Brexit and the Public Mind by Professor Paul Baines

This event has now ended

In this lively talk, Paul outlines how we managed to get into the current situation and where we are now in relation to our political and economic relationship with the European…

Gin and Topic Talk: Lee Circle Car Park Re-imagined by Dr Fabian Frenzel

This event has now ended

Multi-story car parks in city centres are curious spaces. Necessary to manage mobility patterns based on private car ownership, they belong, alongside dual carriage ways and…