Supporting the business community in the South of England

The University of Portsmouth led by the Faculty of Business and Law is playing its part as a member of the Solent business community to support our partners and friends during the COVID19 pandemic. Working and collaborating with colleagues and partners we are kick-starting four key initiatives to support the business community and give everyone in the region access to as much of our expertise, our resource and our network as we can.

Q&A webinars that reach to the heart of COVID19 issues

Our events team have refocused their efforts to deliver a series of COVID19 #BusinessTalks in the form of weekly webinars that bring together academics and industry specialists to answer your questions live. These sessions are available for later viewing and have already featured sessions on managing teams remotely, and employee wellbeing. You can watch the past webinars here.

A thorough ‘business needs’ analysis

Recognising that solid data on the evolving and emerging business needs of the region will be critical to ensure that the community directs its efforts where they are most needed. As such, the University is putting a team together to undertake an analysis exercise and ensure that it is underpinned by a strong evidence base. Colleagues in Portsmouth Business School are designing an online tool at pace for rollout in mid May 2020. Once up and running the aggregated data from the response to the needs analysis will be analysed and through a report made public for use by businesses, support organisations and local authorities across our region.

Business Volunteering

The University is gearing up to facilitate a matching service that will allow our considerable business network to volunteer and be matched to a business in need of their expertise and services. This service will encourage people from all walks of life who have time to provide for free to help businesses in their hour of need.  The University will be encouraging graduates, alumni, academics, professional services, collaborative partners, business specialists and students, to name a few, to volunteer and provide 1-1 support to a business friend.

Virtual Business Conferencing

In collaboration with Solent University Business School, Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, and businesses from across the Solent region, Portsmouth Business School are supporting an online conference for small businesses on surviving the COVID-19 crisis and adapting to the "new normal". You can find out more and register for this 19 May conference here.

Dedicated schemes to support business resilience and growth

When we emerge from the lockdown period the University will, building upon its experience, the ‘needs analysis’ and the requests for support; begin to adapt and conceive programmes for organisations that help them back to business as usual or new business ventures.

Together we believe that we can help our business community survive and thrive through this period of uncertainty.  If you would like more information or wish to comment on our plans, you can contact the Business School via E mail: