Life After Coronavirus: What Does The Future Look Like For Small Businesses?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes have found themselves in an unprecedented situation thanks to the global Coronavirus outbreak.

This potentially deadly virus has devastated every industry, causing serious issues for every business owner. Some companies have been able to adapt to the situation, but many have been forced to halt their operations temporarily.

While social distancing measures look set to remain in place for some time, the business market will soon begin reopening over the coming weeks and months. With this in mind, we’ve outlined what the future could look like for small businesses and how you can adapt to the ‘new normal’.

An Emphasis On Cleanliness And Hygiene Will Be Essential

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced the entire business market to focus on cleanliness and show customers that they are committed to keeping them safe. For small businesses, it can be hard to dedicate staff, time and resources to cleaning your establishment on a regular basis, so consider outsourcing or working with a professional cleaning company. As well as offering peace of mind for yourself and demonstrating your commitment to your customers, many such companies are now working on services specific to the level of hygene the virus demands.

Hiring New Staff Will Be A Challenge For The Foreseeable Future

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to high unemployment, but issues such as a lack of childcare, illness or access to high-speed internet will mean that it will be hard to hire new team members. Fear will also be a factor, as many newly-unemployed individuals might be wary of working in an unknown environment before a vaccine is found for the Coronavirus. If you’re trying to hire skilled team members, you will find it even harder to find the employees you need. As such, you need to make sure that you support your existing team during this challenging time, and work hard to retain them so that you don’t have to hire too many additional staff. If you do need to find new staff, be flexible and conduct interview remotely where possible, so that you can quickly and efficiently find extra staff to drive your business forward.

At The End Of The Day, Customers Won’t Forget In A Hurry

Despite the extreme toll that the UK’s lockdown is having on everything from the economy to the nation’s mental health, research shows that the public still supports the measures. It is clear that anxiety is high, and will remain this way for some time. Consumers will be wary of travelling to establishments to browse products and receive services, so you need to try to adapt your offering as much as possible.

For businesses where offering remote support is simply impossible, you need to show customers, through advertising, social media updates and your procedures, that you are committed to keeping them safe. Adjust your promotional and marketing strategies accordingly, so that you can show customers that your business remains open and able to provide them with the service and support they expect.

By Grace Murphy