Entrepreneur with vision for developing enterprise

Mention the words charter, Government and university and most entrepreneurs’ eyes glaze over. The original thinkers who dream up the best ideas are often rebellious and don’t follow the status quo. So says Stuart Miller and, as co-founder and chief executive of Wantage-based ByBox, he should know. One of six entrepreneurs on the Small Business Charter management board, he is part of a Government initiative to strengthen links between business schools and small businesses. But as an entrepreneur who pioneered electronic drop boxes in towns and cities all over the UK, Mr Miller knows all too well the hurdles he and his colleagues face.

He said: “If you can make the business schools accessible to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), you take their enterprise and zeal and team that up with a world of networking, academia and brainpower and I could see that being very helpful. The challenge is to make people like me see these business schools as useful, rather than feeling alienated.” The first batch of 20 business schools, recognised for their work with local businesses, were presented with a Small Business Charter award last month...[click here to read more]