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Show Topics:

Covid-19 offers valuable lessons in making project management more adaptable

Project management is a discipline obsessed with risk aversion, with preparing for and predicting everything. But the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that often excessive need to…

Now is the time to reskill and future proof your business

Small businesses need to be proactive in investing in skills development to maintain productivity and competitiveness to secure their post-Brexit future. While negotiations about…

Staying positive: Securing investment during a pandemic

Although almost all businesses have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, early-stage startups are seeing the worst of it. Early startups depend a lot on investments as they…

Is it time for entrepreneurs to ramp up, restart, reboot or rethink?

COVID-19 continues to pose serious challenges for entrepreneurial small business founders. Figuring out how to start again in its economic shadow will not be easy. Is it safe to…

Social isolation during COVID-19: what can managers do?

We are all in challenging times and homeworking has become the new normal. Managers are having to adapt their styles and are being increasingly dependent on the digital technology…

Rescuing and resetting the UK economy after COVID-19 via debt-to-equity swaps

The Cardiff Business School team outline detailed proposals for assisting small businesses.

COVID-19 is driving the importance of data in retail: Part 2: The Knowledge Exchange Perspective

Almost every country across the world has reported cases of COVID-19 (McKinsey 2020), with governments taking different approaches as to how to contain the virus and limit its…

Turnover expected to halve for 70 per cent of micro businesses due to coronavirus, research shows

The research done by Sheffield University Management School and Small Business Britain aims to establish the support needed by the UK's small businesses.

Coffee, communication and community: coffee shop culture in a time of COVID-19 and social distancing

Research from the Coventry Centre for Business and Society examines the impact of COVID-19 on one of the UK's most vibrant retail sectors.

Life After Coronavirus: What Does The Future Look Like For Small Businesses?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes have found themselves in an unprecedented situation thanks to the global Coronavirus outbreak. This potentially deadly virus has devastated every…

Dealing with COVID-19 – advice from a small business in the events industry

Two young business founders share what they're learning about business practice by dealing with COVID-19.

Proactive steps for small businesses to deal with the recent pandemic

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has changed how the world does business. Financial projections for the coming year can be thrown out of the window, with companies having to adapt…

COVID-19: What to do with your business’s website

A graphic design agency share their 3 key tips for maintaining your business's digital presence.

How can small businesses protect themselves from COVID-19?

Henning von Spreckelsen, Small Business Charter Board Member, outlines some tips for SMEs in the current challenging times. There is nothing certain about 2020 except that it will…

The Corona Budget and the well-being of small businesses

In his first budget the Chancellor Rishi Sunak signalled the commitment of the Government to addressing the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK. However, while the Government's concerns…